Casa Piccola, a little paradise in Mallorca

By Sergio G. García

Much is talked about parallel universes and fractal theories and the
truth be said, I believe it is possible for universes to exist within
other universes. I was able to prove this, when I recently visited Casa
, a tiny guest house for two in Llucmajor, a Paradise
within the Mallorcan Paradise.

Surrounded by fruit trees and set in the middle of the island´s
countryside, Casa Piccola provides a perfect setting for reconnecting
with oneself and to that force of nature slumbering inside us.  
It’s a place to catch our breath and to renovate energies, which the
pandemonium of modern times constantly is trying to tear away
from us.

Refreshing pool while you cultivate your devotion to the Sun with a good tan

You can relax in the patio, reading or listening to the songs and
melodies of the outdoors, such as crickets, birdsong, the rush of the
wind….delighting in the contemplation of what surrounds you, and what
is hidden within us, inspiring you to poetry.

You can choose to be a Sun worshipper, dipping every now and then
into the swimming pool so that the Sun doesn’t devour you.  You can
enjoy the Sun´s energy while floating dreamily on a mattress and
pondering on the meaning of what it means to be in a paradise within
a paradise.

You can turn your meals into lively daily rituals, living the moment,
the here and now; discovering flavours in foods which you did not
appreciate before because you ate too fast.  A walk through the
garden provides you withherbs and fruits to create your own meals;
your awareness is sharpened and food becomes a manifestation. 
We are one with the eternal moment.


Llucmajor, Mallorca
Tel.: +34 971 661 513
Mobile: +34 647 939 248

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Bedroom for double occupancy, air
conditioned in the Summer and
heated in the Winter.  A roomy
combination of living-dining and
kitchen completely fitted and
equipped to give you the comforts
of home away from home during
your holidays.

Located only a 15 minute car ride
from the airport, Casa Piccola
is one hour away from Madrid,
two hours from Brussels,
Amsterdam or Hamburg and three
hours away from Oslo and Stockholm.

Sandra J. Carl, owner and
manager of Casa Piccola will welcome you
into her perfect little paradise
within the larger paradise of Mallorca


QUECUANDO | Madrid - Palma de Mallorca: Tel.: +34 692 316 180